6 Inspiring Instagrams to Follow

Instagram has become an art form all its own. Some people use it to post random photos of themselves and their pets, but some artists are using the channel in unique ways that are totally inspiring. When we're feeling stuck, here are some of the Instagramers that help spark our imaginations.


Ida creates art on a plate using simple foods and simple shapes. There are food artists whose work is more complex, but we love the "hey, I can do that, too" feel of Ida's work.


Aspryn is a fashion blogger. Her Instagram is filled with flirty snaps taken at some of the most interesting places in the world. What we love about her feed is that it's always light and joyful. You can't help but smile when you look at her photos. And what artist isn't inspired by fashion?



If you love the color pink, you must follow Natasha aka @VioletTinder. She combines, food, makeup, and miscellany to create pictures that pop - primarily in pink.


Can we talk about the art of combining Funko Pops with books. It's an obession with bookstagramers and we love it, too.



An iPhone is many things. It's a communication device, an organizer, a game console, a TV. . . and a refridgerator? Come see what's inside Anshuman's iPhone this week.


If simplicity is more your thing, you'll love this feed dedicated to bold colors and mundane things.


We've barely scratched the surface of all the wonderful and wacky Instagram feeds in the world. What's your favorite? Are you crazy for cooks? A fan of fashion? Wild about weddings? Leave us a link to your favorite Instagram accounts in the comments below so we can check them out and add them to our follow list.


Jess Davidson

Thanks, Cynthia! I adore Instagram and the inspiring Instagrams you have chosen are just wonderful. I've followed all of them:) Are there any other cool pages to follow?


Jess - business-plan-writer.org writer and social media contributor

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