Brag Book

You know how most parents and grandparents carry around those little books of photos? The ones of their kids, grandkids, or pets? They run up to you in the grocery store and just can't wait to show you the latest!

Well, today we'd like to take on the role of proud parents and share a few "snapshots" from our brag book: three of our favorite IndieMade jewelry sites.


Moira K. LimeMoira K. Lime

Created in Chicago's historic and diverse neighborhood, Logan Square, Moira K. Lime Jewelry is designed and produced from a cozy studio with two doggy studio mates. Since it was founded in 2009 by designer and maker Katie Lime, the company has grown into a flourishing retail and wholesale business. Moira K. Lime Jewelry can be found in storefronts, boutiques and galleries in the United States and the United Kingdom. Taking inspiration from nature, Katie Lime's designs are both fresh and timeless; feminine and modern. Each elegant piece is designed and handcrafted with care and passion.


Simon & RubySimon & Ruby

Lindsay Farrer is an individual born of her experiences. She has found a way to combine some of her favorite childhood memories to create art that she loves. Simon and Ruby was born in 2008 in response to her burning desire to create a tangible, wearable piece of art. Each piece jewelry is handcrafted and designed with a story in mind. The designs are influenced heavily by Lindsay's travels as well as characters in the books she reads and movies she watches. She collects semi precious stones, glass, and vintage pieces from all over the world to create not only a beautiful piece of jewelry, but an intriguing story as well.


Myth BoutiqueMyth Boutique

MythBoutique is a handmade jewelry line that channels the spirit of adventurous and interesting women everywhere. The stylish earrings and necklaces fully showcase an eclectic, whimsical, and vintage-inspired aesthetic. Nora Daniel, the line's designer, is an Alabama native who has taken the natural beauty and Southern charm of her home state and created bold feminine pieces.



Ladies, we are super proud of your artistic skills and your awesome websites. Keep up the great work!

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