A Craft Business Owner Test Drives Productivity Tips from Experts

Is your craft business in need of some productivity tips to tame your piles of paper and keep track of your inventory and sales?

Craft business owner Lisa Anderson Shaffer wanted to start 2012 with a plan in place to get organized once and for all. After lots of research and talking with experts Joshua Zerkel and Willo O’Brien, she took their productivity tips and made a plan for herself that not only looked good on paper, but that she might actually use.

In Lisa's resource article, Productivity Tips: A Craft Business Owner Puts Ideas Into Action, last in a three-part series, Lisa discusses how she made technology work for her and kept her business on track even when things get crazy. 

Check out Part 1 and Part 2 of her series for more productivity tips that will help organize your craft business, too!

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