Four (or five) Nearly Free Ways to Grow Your Biz

The following is a guest post from yours truly!

Most folks just starting a business can’t afford the classes and creative coaching out there right now. I understand – it can get very expensive very quickly. Below are four things you can do to grow your business right now (and afford some of that awesome coaching later).

1. How to Failproof Your Business
This is a powerful and motivating series from IttyBiz‘s Naomi Dunford and launch coach Dave Navarro. There are eight video tutorials full of great tips and ideas to help your business thrive instead of fail (hint: You must do the homework). If you need help getting your butt into gear, this is for you!

2. Workbooks Speaking of Dave Navarro, he has a great little library of free workbooks geared toward small biz owners of all kinds. Titles include “7 Simple Income Streams (That You Can Actually Create)” and “How to Start Making Real Money with Your Own Products in 3 Days.” All he asks in return is that you join his free Launchtips newsletter. Not a bad deal.

3. The Creative Empire Need support and training for your creative empire in the making? Tara Gentile of Scoutie Girl and Megan Auman of Crafting an MBA got together to form this online community of creative business owners and makers. There’s a $25/month subscription fee, but you get access to helpful tutorials and seminars, interviews with big-name biz owners, conference calls, and an amazing community of people who love to encourage and help each other.

4. Blogs All of the folks I just mentioned also have insightful and motivating blogs chock-full of information to help your biz become successful. But wait, there are more!

Ok, those are four great things you can do right now, and they are either completely free or require a very small investment.

Know what else you can do? Check out IndieMade! We have a growing Resources section of articles with advice for every aspect of your business, from just getting started to marketing to organization.

No more stalling – get out there and grow your biz!

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