Get Your Product in Stores with Wholesale Prep Tips from a Craft Business Expert

Retail Readiness with Rena Tom  

Retail Readiness with Rena Tom


Wholesale accounts with stores can be a great way for your craft business to boost your bottom line. But if you want to catch a retailer's eye, you need to make sure your product line is putting its best foot forward — from branding to photography to writing a clear and easy-to-understand line sheet — before you even make that initial approach to a store.

Craft business owner Lisa Anderson Shaffer recently took a workshop, Retail Readiness, that trained indie artists and crafters on how to land wholesale accounts with local and national businesses. In her resource article, Wholesale Prep for Your Craft Business Helps Get Your Product In Stores, she shares tips from retail expert Rena Tom on how to make sure your craft business is ready for wholesale.


norma's bath and body

Thank you for a great and helpful site. I've been wanting to get my handmade soaps into
stores for a long time!

angella watson

Want to buy and sell as wholsaler dont know where to start.

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