IndieMade - Etsy Connect Feature Needs Beta Testers

Etsy Synchronization Going in to Beta - Need Your Help.

So many of our customers are trying to manage the difficult task of maintaining multiple product listings on both Etsy and on their IndieMade website.  Well, with IndieMade's new Etsy Connect feature, we just life a whole lot easier.

We are looking for IndieMade customers (new and exsiting) who are:

  • Willing to provide some feedback regarding the feature - we have to ferret out any problems before we do the public launch. 
  • a "Standard" subscriber or a "Plus" subscriber. 

To be considered, just fill out the Etsy Connect Application Form.

Here's how it works:

Two databases - one on IndieMade, one on Etsy, like it is now.  IndieMade pushes data to Etsy listing information only.  Sales made through your IndieMade site (no listing fees) remain on IndieMade.  Etsy sales are made through Etsy.  BUT, each database records the sale and inventory adjustment so your information is in sync.


   Etsy Connect Tool   


We will notify you via email once you are accepted and we have installed the additional feature on your site.