IndieMade Store Feature: Import your Etsy shop listings

                  A re y ou    an Etsy seller who wants to sell directly from your IndieMade site as well? If you already have tons of product in your Etsy shop, the thought of copying and pasting all those listings into IndieMade, and uploading all those photos again, might feel overwhelming. Guess what: you don't have to!

IndieMade allows you          to import your Etsy listings directly into your store, photos and all. This feature is integrated into the IndieMade dashboard, you can follow these steps to copy your products into your store quickly and painlessly:

1. Log i                                    nto your Etsy shop an           d go to Shop Settings > Options in the left-hand column.     


                                                                                     2. Go to the Download Data tab (shown below) and click the "Download CSV" button under "Currently for Sale Listings." This will download a spreadsheet, containing each listing's title, description, price, tags, materials, and images, to your computer.

 Download data button 


One thing to note: When the .csv file is uploaded, IndieMade finds the most-often-used tags in your Etsy listings and makes each of those tags a product category. This means that if you use an Etsy team tag on each listing, or you often tag with specific colors of styles to optimize for Etsy relevancy search, those terms are likely to become product categories in your IndieMade store. If you don't want that to happen, there are two ways to fix it. See end of post.*

3. Upload the .csv file to your IndieMade Store.


   Import Products button    



*1. Before uploading your .csv file, open the file in a spreadsheet program such as Excel, Numbers, or Google Spreadsheet. Go to the Tags column (shown below), delete any terms that you do not want to use as a shop section, and save your file.



2. After your listings have uploaded to your IndieMade store, go to your dashboard and choose Store > Settings. Scroll to "Product Categories" at the bottom of the page. If you see product categories that you do not want, click on the unwanted term. This will take you to the "Edit Product Category" screen. Click "delete," and that term will no longer appear as a shop section.

Finally, don't forget to look at your imported listings and remove or change any Etsy-specific links or terms that you might not want to appear in your IndieMade store.                                     


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Hey Darlene!

Wondering what to do if I have some of my items from my Etsy shop, already in my IndieMade shop to avoid duplicates.

Should I just wait until later in the summer when the shop version is released or is there an easy way to avoid duplication.

Thanks lady!

Axel McCarthy

Hey Kat,

Allow me to jump in and answer on Darlene's behalf.

There are two basic ways to avoid duplication:

  • Just tell us you want to avoid product duplication when you deliver the CSV file. When a product has an identical title and price, the existing IndieMade product will be updated, instead of a new product created.
  • Edit the file in a spreadsheet program like Excel, removing the rows that you don't want imported

Hope this helps!


Lisa Denson

Has the Etsy feature been added to the system yet?

Axel McCarthy

We're nearly, but not quite done, with better Etsy integration. It's pretty cool stuff; we're excited.

Teresa Gibson

I am a bit confused and hoping someone can clear this up... if I upload my etsy listings onto Indie Made. Do I need to delete all said listings from my etsy store? Is there any communication between etsy and Indie made that removes items once they have been purchased in the other setting?

Or am I getting ahead of myself? Should I only offer items in one place or the other?

Thank you for your help!

Axel McCarthy

Hey Teresa,

As we speak, there's no link between the products in your IndieMade store and your Etsy products after the import. If you have a one-of-a-kind item that sells on one site, you have to manually handle that in the other.

However, our Etsy integration feature -- currently in beta, but live soon for pro tiers and higher -- will handle this automatically for you. A sale on your IndieMade site will automatically update the quantity on your Etsy store, and vice verse. We're excited!

Axel McCarthy

Just for the record, we've been live with the Etsy feature for a month or so. You can read about the feature in the handbook pages on linking your IndieMade store to your Etsy store.


Hi, I'm just a little confused. I read the handbook yesterday but its about linking indie made to etsy. I still want to add all my etsy items (that are already listed) to the indie made site. Do I have to do the csv excel doc?

Axel McCarthy

Sorry for the confusion. This FAQ explains how to add all your Etsy products to your IndieMade store. Anyone can import products this way.

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