Market Your Art: How to Write a Gallery Listing

Most artists want to spend their time making art, not marketing art. But getting the word out to the public about your events and exhibitions is crucial if you want your work to be seen and, eventually, sold! A gallery listing — a short, to-the-point press promotion that gives all the important details about your show — is one fairly quick and simple way of promoting your work in print and online.

Elizabeth Burke-Dain's resource article, Marketing for Artists: Take the Frustration Out of Writing a Gallery Listing, breaks down the components of a strong listing: Headline, Deck, Description and the When, Where, Cost, Information, and Contact Information for your show.

Her step-by-step approach to writing a gallery listing will help gets you noticed by newspaper and website listings editors. First in a two-part series, her article will walk you through an example of an effective listing, from the eye-catching headline to the nuts and bolts of the show itself, and will even show you how to add a little sizzle to your write-up.

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