Market Your Indie Business: Facebook Business Pages Demystified

Facebook Thumbs UpDo you ever feel like you might not be reaching all of the folks who've liked your business's Facebook page? Do you worry that you're not getting seen by people who want to read about what's new with your store? You may be right!

Facebook looks at all sorts of factors to decide who sees you in their news feed — and who doesn't.  The site considers everything from how long ago you last posted to your page, to how many people interact with your posts. If your posts aren't being liked, shared, or talked about, your carefully crafted content might be hidden from the very people who want to see it most.

Fortunately, there are ways to help boost your visibility, so that more of your fans are seeing what you have to say. Visit our resource article, Marketing for Artists: How To Get the Most from Your Facebook Business Page, to find out some simple tricks that one creative business owner uses to keep her customers engaged with her Facebook posts. A few easy tweaks can help inspire visitors to comment, like, and share your content, which means more visibility for you!

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