New Features: Full Text Search, Plus More Navigation Control

Earlier this week, IndieMade deployed a new release with two frequently requested features: full text search, and the ability to more easily remove items from site navigation.

First, search: how do your site visitors find the products, posts, or news that they're looking for? The IndieMade service automatically creates easily browsable lists of categorized content, and automatically submits sites to Google and Bing. But over the years some IndieMade sites have gotten really big. Now there's a simple to use search facility that's available on all sites.

Example search results

By default the search link is placed in the footer of your site's navigation. But you can move this to the primary navigation if you want, just by dragging it up from the content > pages portion of your dashboard.  Don't want your viewers to see it at all? Just drag it down to the "do not display in navigation" section:

Do not display in navigation

This feature is also useful for secondary pages that you want on your site, but which don't merit inclusion in the navigation itself: landing pages for newsletter signups, detailed product information for purchasers with problems, and so on.

As usual, there's nothing you need to do as an IndieMade customer to enjoy these new features; they come for free with your monthly subscription. 

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