New Store Feature: Coupons

You wanted to be able to offer discounts on the products for sale in your IndieMade stores -- well, now you can. Last week we rolled out a much-requested new feature, Coupons.

Sample Shopping Cart with Coupon

Log into your Dashboard and navigate to the Store section. There's a new option, creatively named Coupons, for managing your coupons. You can offer pure dollar discounts, or a percentage off the total. Set a minimum order total, or a minimum number of products in the shopper's cart, for the coupon to be valid.

And you can limit the total number of redemptions, too, so you won't lose your shirt on that 50% off coupon you drunkenly tweeted. (You know who you are!)

Read more about it in the handbook page on using coupons on IndieMade
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