New Store Feature: Edifice Theme Offers Large Photos, Textured Backgrounds, And More

Today we launched our newest theme, Edifice. This theme contains a lot of features that you, our customers, told us you wanted. It's got right-hand navigation, and the site banner is kept small in the upper left corner. Sections and buttons are rendered as elegant rounded rectangles. And, of course, you can choose your own colors and fonts. We think it looks great.

Gallery view for Edifice

For gallery pictures and products, we've made the images quite large, and they're never cropped.

Edifice product shot

Another nice feature of Edifice is that the page background is an abstract texture. You can select from any of a few dozen professionally made textures to personalize your look.

 Texture grabber

For a live demo, check out

As with all our themes, you can try it out on your own IndieMade site without fear. Switching themes doesn't ever destroy your data, and you can switch back to your existing theme whenever you like — your color and font choices will be exactly as they were before.

Let us know what you think of the new theme!

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Rachael Brooke

Hello, I like this new theme. Are you able to have several images in addition to the main image for each item in your shop? The demo only shows one image per item - just curious. Thanks!

Axel McCarthy

Glad you like it!

Yes, Edifice supports as many images as your tier of service supports. When there are additional images, they're displayed along the right hand side in a row. See as an example.


Matthew and Alexandra Reel

This looks wonderful! I'm off to check it out now - thanks for always coming up with ways to make life even better for us!

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