New Store Feature: Full International Shipping

Even though many of the folks who use IndieMade for their online stores are fairly small operations -- for now, at least -- they often have big appetites for sales. So we were often asked to make it easier for them to ship internationally. Well, we're all about making things easier for indies, so earlier this week we rolled out full international shipping support to the IndieMade network.

By default stores are configured to ship only to Canada and the United States, but opening up to the world is as easy as going into your dashboard, checking a box and specifying how much you need to charge to cover the shipping. If you're willing to send your homemade jewelry to Paraguay, who's to say no?

Ship 'em to Paraguay

Read more at our handbook page on working with shipping in your IndieMade store.

And, as always, your questions, comments, complaints, and compliments are all eagerly appreciated.