New Store Feature: Product Deactivation

Have you ever needed to temporarily remove an item from your store? Now, IndieMade users can deactivate products manually, without completely losing the listings that you’ve worked hard to write.

Log into your dashboard and go to store > products.  You’ll now see a “Visible” column with a green check mark next to each item you have listed for sale.

Click the green check mark, and you’ll see the check mark change to a red X. That’s it — your item is now invisible to shoppers but not gone from your site. To make your item visible again, just click the red X, and the green check mark will reappear.

Deactivating items


With the summer art show and craft fair season coming up soon, this is an especially useful feature for indie business owners who create one-of-a-kind work and don’t want to risk accidentally selling the same item both at a show and online.

Read more about this new feature in the handbook page on deactivating items.

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This is a terrific feature, and I've been waiting for it. Thanks for listening to us and always working to make a better product!


I'm very excited about this deactivation feature. Now I can remove items so I'm not as busy during my maternity leave in June!

Amanda Kuykendall

This is something the members here will really appreciate, as I have used it on other sites where I sell for four years. Glad to see that indiemade is forward thinking! :D

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