New Theme and New Features

We have a new theme and a couple exciting upgrades that you can start enjoying right now, regardless of what plan you’re on...and at no extra cost!


Our new theme has a snappy name. It’s called Bolt! You can check out our demo of Bolt at

Bolt is fully responsive, so customers will be able to navigate your website with zero fuss on tablets and phones. The new theme features a wide banner, left aligned navigation, and larger font sizes for easy readability. We think the flat, minimal design of Bolt will give your beautiful products all the attention they deserve too ;)

Universal Search

Bolt also has something that no other IndieMade theme has right now, and that's a universal search box! On Bolt, customers can easily search for content at the top of every page. We’re really happy about this feature, and we hope you love it too!


We’ve added another option to the coupons feature, so that you have more control of the types of products that qualify for a coupon. You can now set up a coupon that only works for particular product categories.

You can apply a category rule to any existing and new coupons by going to Dashboard > Store > Coupons. Then add or edit a coupon and go to its Advanced Settings area to specify which category or categories apply to the coupon. You can use the Command or CTRL key to select multiple categories on the list.

Here’s an example of a coupon I made for 30% off items that are in my Final Sale category.

Setting up a Coupon

Blog Comment Notifications

Many of you have already seen this new feature in action, but we wanted to officially release the news. Now you will be notified via email whenever someone comments on your blog, so you can reply to your readers faster. Hooray!

Your blog notifications will look like the image below. There will be a link to the blog post in the message, so you can go directly to the comment.

IndieMade Blog Comment Notification

Your IndieMade site already has two features in place to prevent blog spam. First there's a CAPTCHA (the little box that asks you to type in the number you see). Comments that make it through the CAPTCHA are then sent to a third-party comment analysis service that reads the text of the comment and filters out all suspicious ones. We catch tens of thousands of spam comments a day -- but sometimes one or two make it through. You can report these as spam from your site, but please do not report these emails as spam to your email system, because we want you to keep getting these notifications and win at blogging.

If you ever have any questions about these or other updates at IndieMade please feel free to ask us at

Is the feature you’ve been dreaming about not in this update yet? Then maybe you should share your feedback with the community! We read every single one of the feature requests on the Feature Requests Forum, and that’s how a lot of great ideas get started at IndieMade.

Thanks for reading :)

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Janet Bocciardi

If I switch to BOLT will the changes I had made to my current theme go with it?

For example:

*enhanced Pinterest

*Link to "Create Your Website" banner at bottom of my About Me page

*Galleries - min number increased so I could post more photos

Not sure if anything else...

Jessica Horvath

Hi Janet

Any content or code that was added to the website will not disappear. Although, if we added content for you in a sidebar, it might move locations with the new theme. You can just let us know if something isn't looking right, and we'll fix it for you. Similarly, if you're not happy with the number of thumbnails per page on the new theme, we can update that for you as well.

Your choices of colors and fonts will not move over to the new theme, so you do want to make a note of what you used in your current theme.

If you decide to go back to your current theme, the current colors and fonts will be saved there, so you won't lose any work.

Please send us an email at if you need further assistance :)

Take care,


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