Pilot, and Fonts, and Taxes -- Oh My!

Over the last few weeks we've released three great improvements to the IndieMade service: we've got a slick new theme calld Pilot; we've released over a hundred new fonts; and we've made a huge upgrade to our tax support. 


Our new theme Pilot (check out a live demo at http://pilot.indiemade.com) is a bit of a departure for us. Pilot features a static left-hand navigation; as you scroll up or down on the content area, the menus don't move. Products or gallery images take up the entire content space when tiled, and in single-page view the background changes depending on the document. It's great for sites that have really vibrant graphics.

Pilot Screenshot

What's more, Pilot is fully responsive, meaning it changes its makeup to match the device that a customer is using. The format they see on their phones isn't the same as what they see on their tablets, which isn't the same as what they see on their desktop computers. For example when the screen is too narrow for the left-hand side navigation, Pilot switches to a mode with a pulldown menu. 


Ludwig Mies van der Rohe famously said that less is more. But when it comes to font support, we think more is more. So we've released over a hundred new fonts for your IndieMade sites. Visit your dashboard and go to design > basics, and peruse them at your leisure. Make a selection and your site will be rebuilt with the new fonts immediately.

Select a font from the dashboard

A full list of the available fonts is available in the handbook.


Who among us doesn't love thinking and talking about taxes? 

At IndieMade, we strive to keep our service as simple to use as possible. But we heard your feedback: IndieMade's sales tax support was too simple for many of you, especially those of you who live in areas with complex tax requirements. Well, we've beefed up the tax support so that you can now set up as many tax rules as you need. 

Multiple tax lines

For our United States customers living in states with complex sales tax regimes, we've got even better news: you can upload a spreadsheet containing tax rules for each zip code in your state. You can download that spreadsheet from http://www.taxrates.com, too, so setting up all the tax rules can take two minutes instead of two days.

Read more about the tax support in the IndieMade handbook.


As always, our customers get these new features immediately and at no extra cost. Hooray!

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