Selling at Shows? Don't Let Thieves Steal Your Handmade Work!

Craft fair displayHave you ever felt that sinking feeling you get when you look down at your craft fair table and realize that someone's stolen one of your handmade products? Unfortunately, crafters and artists aren't immune to sticky-fingered shoplifters. Indie business owners can become victims of theft just as much as the big-box retailers.... but most of us don't have the big boxes' large resources to absorb losses.

Want to increase the chances that this never happens to you at a show? Visit our resource article, Preventing Theft At Your Next Craft Fair, to learn some easy anti-theft tweaks that you can make to your booth displays and show-day procedures.


Carol Hartman

Any ideas for how to display rings so they don't get stolen?

Dee Ess

I recently found a need to display rings so they do not get stolen.   Researching this has led me to several possibilities, all of which end up being too time consuming while at the show.  Putting my rings into locked cases that have clear tops seem like a turn-off to customers.  Attaching rings to retractable cables is expensive.  So I am going to try the ring pads that come with rods that are passed through the rings and hold them in place.  They are available from Rio Grande, item #46166211.

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