Selling at Shows: How to Wow the Jury with Your Next Art Fair Application

Ceramic Vessel: Zofia TomalaDo you want to sell at some of the large and popular art shows in your area this year? If so, your work will probably have to face the jury — a sometimes intimidating prospect for new and veteran artists and crafters alike.

Who is on this jury, anyway? What are they looking for? And how can you catch their eyes and win acceptance to competitive shows when your carefully chosen photos are flashed onto a screen before them for only a few seconds?

Visit our resource article, Selling at Shows: How to Make It Through The Jury Process, to find out one expert's tips on successfully making it through a jury process. Merideth Lacina, program assistant for the Illinois Artisans Program, shares her top pointers on submitting a strong application and wowing the folks who will be reviewing your work.

Photo credit: Ceramic Vessel: Zofia Tomala (Chicago, IL) Photographer: Merideth Lacina (Illinois Artisans Program).



Thank you so much for the link and the information. It is what I have been needing to read and do for a long time now. It is much appreciated.

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