Spice Up Your Store for Summer

The year is half over. You've been living with your online, IndieMade store for awhile now and it's time for a little change. Not just any change. We say it's time to spice things up! By just making a few changes here and there, you should be on your way to creating some fun new products and getting your customers to take a fresh look at your store!

In the summer,  colors can be brighter and with a fresh pop. Adding some new colors doesn’t have to mean a complete overhaul to your already out there offerings. It can be as simple as introducing a couple new colors with fun summery names to your lineup. Try adding in some fun citrusy yellows, oranges, and greens into the mix.  If you are a jewelry designer, maybe a pair of earrings that you already offer could have a limited edition “Summer Lemonade” color scheme available. If you sell scarves, you could offer one of your best sellers in a citrus color that is only available for a limited time.

Adding summer themes is another great way to spice up your store. If you think about it, summer is such a versatile season. While there is plenty of time for relaxing, vacationing, and taking time off of school and work, there is also the chance to get out there and really move. Whether that is in the form of surfing, jet skiing, or dancing the night away in a new and exotic location, you can channel some of this energy into your online store with great offerings for the summer crowd. Clothing designers can add pieces that keep wearers cool when the heat is turned up, and photographers can take advantage of the beauty of the season with images of beaches and beautiful summer sunsets. No matter what industry your shop hails from, just adding in a couple items or offerings that speak to that summer vibe is going to be great for getting your store in front of new and existing customers. If any of your products work well for the touristy crowd, really play that up in your store and watch your online shop become a summer destination!

Hot Fun in the Summertime

Nothing says hot like chili peppers! Whether you choose to incorporate a color scheme that adds a little spice, or perhaps add in some fun and whimsical chili peppers to your designs, this southwestern vibe says summer like nobody’s business! If you sell stationary, some chili pepper invitations and thank you cards will likely be a hit with the hot summer crowd. Clothing designers can use the colors of spicy peppers to inspire some new summer looks.

You can also heat up your summer store with a reminder of the cool blue ocean. If you want to showcase your summer offerings with a blue ocean theme, this can create a sense of calm and relaxation, while still firing up those sales! Beautiful ocean colors, sea life, and seashells are all perfect ways to spice up your store for summer. Incorporate the beauty of sea glass into your jewelry, or add little seahorse or sand dollar embellishments to pottery. Even if you choose to not add ocean elements to your offerings, you can still use the beautiful blues and turquoises that are reminiscent of seashore waters to help visitors float right into your online shop. 

Whether you choose to offer a full lineup of summer offerings, or just update a few items with some summery colors and themes, your online store is sure to get a boost when you add in new spicy elements. After making the updates in your store, send out a newsletter to announce your new creations and let the heat of summer bring in some cool new sales!

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