Summer Shows: 5 Tips to Make Your Booth Better

If you are like most craft-based businesses you will likely be out on the craft show circuit this summer. Whether you are doing larger wholesale tradeshows, or small retail shows in your community, one thing is very important. You need to have displays that draw your customers into your booth! Below are some craft show display ideas that will help you bring those.

Keep it Simple:

When it comes to craft show displays, it is best if you keep things simple. That means sticking with a particular theme or display idea so that your booth design looks pulled together and easy to navigate. If you are a jewelry designer, try pairing things together in a cohesive way that makes sense to the customer. This can be either pairing items in the same type together like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or you can pair things by color. Whatever you choose to do, try to make it easy for customers to see what you are offering. Also, it is helpful to have products that are displayed at eye level for your customers. If you sell something wearable, make sure you have a mirror or two as well! In addition to simple design, meaning not cluttered, make sure your booth is inviting with room to step in if possible. A great way to do this is to not block off your space with a large table going across the front of the booth, but instead have an open walkway with smaller tables or displays inside.

Keep your Décor in Line with Your Business:

By keeping the look and feel of your booth in line with the vibe of your business, you will help to create a consistent feeling for your products. If you sell fun and retro aprons, you can dress up your booth with some gadgets from the 50s, but if you sell elegant bridal jewelry, you will want to keep that elegant theme with things like fresh flowers or elegant signage. This branding theme should actually reach throughout your entire brand, everything from what you make, to your website, business cards and booth design. You want your customers to be able to spot your booth from a distance and know it is your work.

Be Creative:

As a creative professional, being creative is in your blood, but you may end up feeling stuck when it comes to booth design and go with the “tried and true” displays. The problem with the displays that everyone else has is, well, everyone else has them! Try to think outside the box with displays, or when it doubt, check out Pinterest for ideas and inspirations. Jewelry designers can use things like tree branches, picture frames, or vintage dish wear to display their work. Things like shutters are also a great way to hang earring cards. For anything with a vintage vibe, you can use old books and crates for display to bring that antique feel to the booth. If you make scarves, try hanging them from vintage knobs to create a fun and unique feel. There is really no limit to the fun and creative ways you can display your work!


Consider Your Lighting:

If you have the option to add lighting to your booth, it might make sense to do so. For things like glass art and jewelry, lighting can be key to really making your work shine! Most of the large tradeshows have electricity options for add-ons. While it might not make sense price wise if you are just starting out, it can make a big difference in the professionalism of your booth design, especially in places like a large convention center hall or indoor space.


Don’t Forget The Mailing List:

When it comes to meeting customers and potential customers at a craft show or trade show, one of the most valuable things to leave with (in addition to lots of sales!) is new customer or prospect information. Make sure to have a mailing list signup as an integral part of your booth design. You can either have something fun like a drawing that potential customers can submit their information to in order to win something from your shop, or you can just offer a mailing list. Either way, this mailing list signup should be visible from the walkway so that people passing by can choose to sign up, even if they weren’t planning on visiting your booth.


When it comes to craft show booth design, there are so many ways to go about it that it can really become an expression of your art. Have fun with the process and enjoy creating all those special little details for those that visit your booth!

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