Top 8 Indie Business Websites

My Favorite Craft Business Websites

There are numerous online sites claiming to help indie business owners, crafters, and artists who are marketing their wares online or are developing a website strategy.  After weeding through many of them, this list of eight seem to be the most user-friendly and legitimately helpful small business marketing resources for indie business owners.  Topics covered include everything from improving product photography, always an important issue, to social media marketing tips; store branding; customer service; and the more specific business end such as bookkeeping and designing a marketing plan.  Several of these sites offer e-courses and newsletters so learning and growth can continue as your business grows.

Handmade Success - #1

The Handmade Success blog is focused on small business marketing, specifically targeted to those who create handmade items.  They offer information and resources for entrepreneurs, advice, inspirations and links to other shops that sell handmade items.  The author also maintains an Etsy shop called Business Minded that sells helpful materials for online sellers. 

Do What You Love - #2

Do What You Love

This site celebrates those who are living their dream by running their own business.  They offer interviews with people who are creative entrepreneurs and invite shared stories with those who have left careers they were unhappy with and are now “doing what they love.”  They also offer popular e-courses to help people discover how to live their dreams.

LKR Social Media Marketer - #3

Laura Roeder, a social media expert, created the Social Media Marketer to be a resource for small businesses to obtain social media marketing tips and training courses on the web in an easy to follow format. Roeder also offers an introductory program for business owners new to small business marketing, The Dash, offering daily inspiration, action items and the latest social media marketing tips.

Designing an MBA - #4

Designing an MBA

Megan Auman is a jewelry designer and maker who strives to help other crafters with the business end of their small craft business, such as bookkeeping, creating a marketing plan and a website strategy, wholesale marketing, selling online and off, attending their first trade show, and other topics related to a crafting business.

Etsy Seller Handbook - #5

Renowned for their seller support, the Etsy Seller Handbook is a great reference for all online sellers.  It covers topics from product photography to good customer service; branding to international shipping and everything else you need to know about small business marketing on Etsy.

Creative Income Blog - #6

The Creative Income Blog was designed to be a resource for crafters who are either thinking about turning their crafting hobby into a business or those that have started a small business and need good advice.  Typical topics covered include selling tips, small business marketing advice, blogging for business, and improving product photography.  They frequently feature guest posts from successful craft bloggers and have a weekly e-mail newsletter you can sign up for.

Enjoy Your Work More - #7

Melanie Duncan is a social media and small business specialist who believes that most people who run small businesses are spending their time focusing on the wrong things.   She defines the problem this way: "If you don’t learn how to effectively work “on” your business, instead of “in” your business, you will never be able to strategically grow and you’ll sacrifice the quality of life you deserve." Melanie has a weekly newsletter you can subscribe to, and has a webinar you can sign up for to get traffic and sales from Pinterest.

Craftgate - #8

Craftgate is an art and craft directory designed to help connect small business art and craft sellers and buyers.  Once you submit your site to the Craftgate Directory, they will provide you with a Member badge and/or banner and will promote and market your site on various social media sites, blogs, RSS feeds, online articles and other sources. Craftgate is a valuable small business marketing resource to keep in your website strategy toolkit.