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The following is a guest post from yours truly!

Because I deal with social media on a regular basis, I’m often asked about Twitter.

Tweet Speech BubbleThe most common question: “What do you tweet about?” Well, your business, obviously, but you don’t want to be one of those annoying people who only tweet about the products they’ve posted. So what else do you tweet?

What you’re doing

The classic Twitter question. Before you say, “duh,” stop and think about it. What ARE you doing? Are you developing a new product? Tweaking an old one? Cleaning your studio? Share it.

Breaking news

No, you don’t want to share only your latest products, but you certainly do want to let people know when you have them! You can also share big sales in your shop or website, give out special offer codes, and let folks know about that awesome show you’ll be attending next weekend. Just wrote a new blog post? That’s breaking news, too.

Personal stuff

True, you need to be careful how personal you get, but your followers want to know about the face behind the business they love. They want to get to know YOU! Examples of good stuff to tweet: restaurants you’re visiting, movies you’re watching, fun activities you’re doing, music you love. Examples of bad stuff to tweet: anything you’d find on the STFU, Parents website. Also, don’t tweet while you’re drunk, high, or depressed. Trust me on this one.


A picture is worth a thousand tweets, right? Give your followers extra insight into your process or sneak peeks of your products by posting photos. Some ideas: a work in progress, the materials you’ll be using for your next endeavor, your workspace, a new item about to hit the market.

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Think about the people who use your services or buy your products (aka: your audience). What do they like? What would interest them? If you make accessories like handbags and hats or are a clothing designer, tweet about the latest fashion trends or seasonal colors. If you have an accounting business, share new tax regulations or helpful programs. Keep it related to your biz, but branch out and find other information your followers would think useful.

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