Using Keyword Tags: Try These Etsy Tips to Increase Views and Sales

Etsy holiday tagsIf you're selling on Etsy in addition to your own site during the upcoming holiday rush, you might be searching for some Etsy tips on how to tag your items more effectively. You're probably already familiar with keyword tags — those phrases that help your items be more visible to shoppers in Etsy searches and stand out from the crowd of similar products.

Using the right keyword tags can really help you gain more views and sales, as they're the primary way that Etsy shoppers will find you when searching the site.

Certified Etsy educator Rebecca George shares her best Etsy tips for adding great keyword tags to your items in her resource article, Etsy Tips: Increase Views with Keyword Tags. She discusses seasonal and international tags you might not have considered, why it's important to use every space for keyword tags that Etsy allows you, and how to make the most of current trends through skillful tagging. Try out some of her Etsy tips and watch your holiday sales increase!

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