What's In Store? You!

The following post is by Meg Favreau.

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Want to see your plushies in the local children's store or your earrings on the rack at a favorite boutique? Follow these steps detailing how to sell in stores, and get your work out into the world of non-internet retail.

Pick a Store That's a Good Fit
Take a browse around the shop, in person or online. Does your work belong there?

Find Out Their Business Model
There are generally two ways that stores work: consignment and wholesale. Consignment stores will pay you when your item sells, while wholesalers will pay you upfront. Consignment stores are generally more likely to take a chance on a new artist.

Do Your Research
Find out how the store gets new items. Many consignment stores have submission policies listed on their websites.

Get in Touch
If the store does list its submission policies online, follow those directions carefully, and wait to hear back. If the store doesn't have a set submission policy, call or drop by in person. Explain briefly what you do, and ask to set up an appointment with the store's buyer.

Be Professional
When you meet with a store's buyer or the person in charge of consignment, show up early. Bring samples and business cards, and know what you'll say if the buyer says “Tell me about your work.”

Have an Appropriate Retail Price
Most stores will split profits from the sticker price of your item 60/40 or 50/50. Pick an appropriate retail price.

If You Get Rejected, Try Somewhere Else
There are so many reasons why a store might choose not to take your work, and many of those reasons have nothing to do with whether or not you make a good product. Keep trying!

Promote the Store
If you get your work into a store, show them some love and send your customers there. You won't get as much money as if you sold to someone directly, but you'll be helping out a store that's helping you out.

Need More?
Here are a couple of great articles that will help you get an edge on promoting your products to shops!


Do you sell your wares in a shop? What's your experience?

image via Hello Bluebird