What's Your Passion?

It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do when I grew up.  I didn't know where to find my passion.  I finally started by looking at activities or fields that interested me.  As simple as that sounds, that tactic eluded me for years.  I always thought I had to have a real job and that I didn't get to choose what I did. 

After I figured out what I liked to do, I determined if it came somewhat easily or was difficult for me.  Going after the lowest hanging fruit among my talents (those that came easily) turned out to be the best route.  At first, I found my passion in jobs where I was able to create and produce something tangible.  Later, I found I really enjoyed working with & helping other artists. 

What do you want to create today?  What really interests you?  Many people dream of starting a business.  I have been an entrepreneur since I was in college, but only pursued small projects.  And only in my mid thirthies, did I fully pursue my entrepreneurial dreams!  In the end, the pain of NOT pursuing my passion became greater than the fear of trying. 

Trust me, even if you fall on your face, you a) realize that falling on your face is not so bad b) are grateful for the experience and c) are willing to take more risks.  I started out small and took baby steps.  With each success, I took two steps forward.  With each set back or failure, I took a step back.  Eventually I found failures envigorating, they helped guide me on my path. 

Sometimes my own pursuits are shorter lived than others.  I have a pretty good gauge of when I am simply afraid to try (but I must!) or when it is really time to move on.  I love what we are doing with IndieMade® for this very reason.  You can test the waters of your dreams here and see what floats.

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