Selling the Holidays: Why You Should, Shouldn't and How to Do it Right

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Like many other American holidays, Valentine’s Day means more money in the retail cash registers. The National Retail Federation says this year shoppers will spend a record $18.9 billion on the ones they love. $1.7 million will go toward candy, another $3.4 million for a special night out and one in five will spend a combined $4.8 million on jewelry. With numbers like those, creating holiday themed products for your store seems like a no-brainer. But where there’s reward, there’s also risk.

A Fresh Start: Creating a Simple Business Plan

So you want to create a business plan? Well, maybe you don’t want to, but if you are reading this article you have likely determined that you need to, and that is a good first step! Creating a business plan doesn’t have to be as painful as it might sound, and depending on what you need it for, it probably doesn’t need to be as long as you might think!

2015 Craft Fair and Art Show Resource Guide

Central PA Arts Festival
When you have an IndieMade store, you’ve opened your doors to the world. So why would you want to spend the time and effort to sell your wares at a small, local craft fair? There are a number of reasons starting with; it’s good to get out. I know, that makes me sound like a nagging mom (Turn off that TV and go outside and play!), but it’s true. As creatives, we have a tendency to huddle in our workrooms with Facebook as our only link to what’s happening in the world. That’s good for productivity but not good for you as a person, or a business owner.

A Fresh Start: Time-saving Online Tools for Your Business

January is traditionally the time of year when we take stock of where we are and make plans to get where we want to be by this time next year. You have a fresh calendar on your desk, a new envelope for your business receipts, and the will to do it all more efficiently than ever before. To help you on your way, we’ve pulled together a list of online tools for you and your business. Some are free. Some will cost you a few dollars a month but any or all of them will save you time and aggravation – which equals saving money in the end.

Let it Go: The Top 5 New Year's Absolutions

New Years 2015
Look around the internet and you’ll see hundreds of posts dedicated to New Year’s Resolutions. List after list of promises to get fit, quit bad habits, spend more time doing X and less time doing Y. We write it all down with the best of intentions but almost all of those grand ideas fizzle before the end of spring. Then the guilt rolls in. This was going to be different! And to assuage the guilt you turn to one or more of the bad habits that got you in this mess in the first place. The diet’s already blown so why not treat yourself to that double fudge brownie? Then the guilt starts all over again. Get off the merry-go-round right now. This year, instead of crafting a list of unattainable New Year’s Resolutions, set yourself up with these New Year’s Absolutions.

Handmade Holidays: Beads, Chains and Chokers

microphone choker

With Hanukkah happening and Christmas less than a week away, we have one last round of gift ideas for you from the artisans at IndieMade.

If you can't find the right items here, check out our previous Handmade Holidays posts for even more ideas and deals. Remember: artisans don't always have handmade items in stock, so use the contact form to make sure what you want is available and will arrive before December 25.