Connecting Your IndieMade Site to Etsy

If you are a subscriber to the Pro or Plus plan, you can connect your IndieMade site to your Etsy store. Once authorized, you can automatically make Etsy listings when you create new products, update listings as you update your IndieMade products, and so on.

And your inventory is kept up to date for you automatically: make a sale on Etsy and your IndieMade stock decreases. Sell the last item on your IndieMade store, and the corresponding Etsy product is delisted. It's a huge time saver.

The following sections describe this feature in more detail.

Establishing the Connection to Your Etsy Store

Before your IndieMade site and your Etsy store can communicate, you need to verify that you're the store owner, and explicitly grant access to IndieMade to make changes to your store on your behalf. You only need to do this once.

In your dashboard, navigate to website and then click on connect. (If your dashboard doesn't have a connect option, then your plan doesn't support the connect feature. You'll need to upgrade to another level of service before proceeding.) Click on the button reading Connect to Etsy and authorize account.

initial connection etsy

When you click on this button, you'll be sent over to Etsy's servers. You may be asked to log in to your Etsy account before proceeding. Eventually you should see a screen like the following.

Etsy allow access screen

Click the blue Allow Access button and your IndieMade store will be able to make changes to your Etsy store on your behalf. You'll be sent back to your dashboard to make futher changes.

You'll only have to establish the connection to your Etsy store once. If you no longer want access, you can revoke the access from this screen.

Etsy Connection Settings

Once you're connected to Etsy, the website > connect page will show several sets of fields that change the way the connection works. You'll need to make some decisions before proceeding.

Product Listings

It can be a chore to keep listing information up to date on more than one site. IndieMade makes it easier for you by automating lots of these chores. The Product Listings section lets you change the way your site works, so it matches the way you like to work. 

Connect Settings

By default, when you create a product in your IndieMade store, it will automatically be pushed to your Etsy store as a draft listing, and when you delete a product in your IndieMade store, the corresponding listing over at Etsy will be removed. You can also automatically keep the two products in sync on updates, if you like -- add a photo to your IndieMade product and it will automatically appear in your listing on Etsy. Simply check or uncheck the boxes to match your preferences.

(If you prefer to keep explicit control over things, uncheck the boxes. You can still push product info over to Etsy only when you want.)

Product Defaults

Etsy has a small set of requirements for listings:

  • Products must be placed in its categorization scheme
  • Each product must have a shipping profile
  • The owner must specify who made it, what it is (finished product or raw materials), and when it was made

Every time your IndieMade store "pushes" a product to Etsy, it needs to meet these requirements. Although you'll be able to set these values differently for each product, it can be a big time saver to have good defaults. For example, if you sell only handmade knitted children's hats that you made yourself, then you need only specify that once.

The product defaults section looks like this:

Product default settings

Obviously, you can change these default values whenever you like, simply by returning to this screen. You can set different values for any product you like, and changing the defaults here doesn't change the values you've already set for existing products.

Working with Etsy-Linked Products

After you've connected your IndieMade site to Etsy, navigate to store > products in your dashboard.

Working From the Product List

Each product will now have an extra set of action links. To differentiate these links from the IndieMade links, the appropriate logos are shown next to each set.

Unlisted products connect

The standard IndieMade links for view, edit, and delete are in the top row. Next to the Etsy logo is a single action link, reading List. Push that button and the product will automatically be listed at your Etsy store, in draft mode. 

Once a product has been linked, the action links next to the Etsy logo change to reflect this. For example, after we've listed the Vintage License Plate product, there will be three new links:

listed product connect

The Etsy action links each do something different:

  • The View link takes you directly to the listing in your Etsy store, so you can make edits
  • The Push link updates the Etsy listing with the latest information from your IndieMade product 
  • The Delete link deletes the corresponding Etsy listing 

The push and delete options can happen automatically if you've set your preferences appropriately.

Editing Single Products

So long as your IndieMade store is connected to Etsy, your product edit screen includes a field set specific to Etsy. By default, each field will be set to what you chose in the website > connect section of the dashboard. However, you can override these settings for specific products.

Etsy product settings

Pushing Products to Etsy in Bulk

If you have lots of products listed on IndieMade that are not already linked to Etsy,  you can "push" all of them to Etsy at once. Navigate to store > products, and choose the Push Products to Etsy option. You'll see a screen that looks something like this:

push new products to Etsy

The prelude says how many products you have, and of those, how many are already linked with Etsy. You then have a choice for how to handle each type of product.

For unlinked products, you can choose to:

  • Push the products as draft listings over at Etsy. You will be able to make changes to the products in Etsy before they become active.
  • Push the products to Etsy, but make them active listings right away.
  • Try to link to existing products with the same name, making no new listings. This option is useful for when you've just imported a CSV of your Etsy store, so that new listings are not created.
  • Do nothing.

For products that are already linked, you can either update the data over at Etsy, or do nothing.

Revoking Access to Your Etsy Store

If you no longer want your IndieMade and Etsy stores to be connected, you simply have to revoke the access you granted IndieMade earliier.

In your dashboard, navigate to website > connect. At the very bottom of the Etsy section there's a Revoke access button:

Revoke access to Etsy

When you click the button, your site and Etsy will no longer be linked. 

Importing Etsy Items and Connecting Them to IndieMade

If you're new to IndieMade but already sell on Etsy, you can save yourself lots of time by importing your Etsy listings directly into IndieMade and then connecting your IndieMade and Etsy listings.

Importing Your Etsy Items

First, download your products in a CSV file from Etsy:

  1. Log into your Etsy store
  2. Go to Shop Settings > Options
  3. Select the Download Data tab
  4. Under Currently for Sale Listings, push the button reading Download CSV

The above steps in an animated video.

Etsy CSV import

Then, in your IndieMade dashboard, visit store > products and click on Import Products from CSV. 

import Etsy csv


Are your products one-of-a-kind? If so, check the one-of-a-kind box and it'll automatically be removed from your store when it sells. Upload your file and IndieMade will take care of the rest. We'll make copies of your product photographs, add the description, set the product price, and so on. You'll have a fully stocked store in only a few minutes.

Your Etsy tags will become product categories — which function like Etsy's shop sections. So if your items have many tags to help with Etsy relevancy and you don't want those tags to become categories, you'll want to rename or delete your categories after the import. To do this, visit store > settings in your dashboard and scroll to the bottom to edit the categories.

Connecting Imported Items

The items you've just imported from Etsy are NOT automatically connected to your IndieMade store. To link the items, you need to take one more step.

First, click the Push Products to Etsy link at the top of your store > products page.

Push products to Etsy


Then, choose the "Try to link to existing listings with the same name" option. This will tell IndieMade to link your imported items back to the matching items on Etsy, rather than creating duplicate listings. NOTE: For the items to be matched up successfully, they must have the same title on both IndieMade and Etsy — so if you want to change your product titles on IndieMade, push your products back to Etsy first, THEN change the titles.

Link products on Etsy