Etsy Connection Settings

Once you're connected to Etsy, the website > connect page will show several sets of fields that change the way the connection works. You'll need to make some decisions before proceeding.

Product Listings

It can be a chore to keep listing information up to date on more than one site. IndieMade makes it easier for you by automating lots of these chores. The Product Listings section lets you change the way your site works, so it matches the way you like to work. 

Connect Settings

By default, when you create a product in your IndieMade store, it will automatically be pushed to your Etsy store as a draft listing, and when you delete a product in your IndieMade store, the corresponding listing over at Etsy will be removed. You can also automatically keep the two products in sync on updates, if you like -- add a photo to your IndieMade product and it will automatically appear in your listing on Etsy. Simply check or uncheck the boxes to match your preferences.

(If you prefer to keep explicit control over things, uncheck the boxes. You can still push product info over to Etsy only when you want.)

Product Defaults

Etsy has a small set of requirements for listings:

  • Products must be placed in its categorization scheme
  • Each product must have a shipping profile
  • The owner must specify who made it, what it is (finished product or raw materials), and when it was made

Every time your IndieMade store "pushes" a product to Etsy, it needs to meet these requirements. Although you'll be able to set these values differently for each product, it can be a big time saver to have good defaults. For example, if you sell only handmade knitted children's hats that you made yourself, then you need only specify that once.

The product defaults section looks like this:

Product default settings

Obviously, you can change these default values whenever you like, simply by returning to this screen. You can set different values for any product you like, and changing the defaults here doesn't change the values you've already set for existing products.