Pushing Products to Etsy in Bulk

If you have lots of products listed on IndieMade that are not already linked to Etsy,  you can "push" all of them to Etsy at once. Navigate to store > products, and choose the Push Products to Etsy option. You'll see a screen that looks something like this:

push new products to Etsy

The prelude says how many products you have, and of those, how many are already linked with Etsy. You then have a choice for how to handle each type of product.

For unlinked products, you can choose to:

  • Push the products as draft listings over at Etsy. You will be able to make changes to the products in Etsy before they become active.
  • Push the products to Etsy, but make them active listings right away.
  • Try to link to existing products with the same name, making no new listings. This option is useful for when you've just imported a CSV of your Etsy store, so that new listings are not created.
  • Do nothing.

For products that are already linked, you can either update the data over at Etsy, or do nothing.