Part 4: Add a Gallery and Images

Adding a Gallery to your site is just like adding anything else: select Content > Gallery from your dashboard.

Add a Gallery

Add an image Gallery to your website by clicking on the link "Add a new Gallery."

add new gallery


You should see the Gallery's description page.  Do not add images into the rich text editor; we are only giving the title and gallery description here.  Adding images will come after we save this information. Don't bother with tagging for now.

describe gallery


Upload Photos

Find your newly created gallery on your list (you should have only one at this point) and click "Upload Images."

select upload images


Now, for each photo you want to upload, push on Choose File and locate the image. Be sure each file is less that 3 MB in size -- but select the highest quality image you have. Your IndieMade site will automatically create different sized thumbnails from it. Read more about sizing photos in our handbook.

upload images

Organize the Gallery

Choose thumbnail for gallery cover, arrange order as desired.

manage gallery images


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