Working with Etsy-Linked Products

After you've connected your IndieMade site to Etsy, navigate to store > products in your dashboard.

Working From the Product List

Each product will now have an extra set of action links. To differentiate these links from the IndieMade links, the appropriate logos are shown next to each set.

Unlisted products connect

The standard IndieMade links for view, edit, and delete are in the top row. Next to the Etsy logo is a single action link, reading List. Push that button and the product will automatically be listed at your Etsy store, in draft mode. 

Once a product has been linked, the action links next to the Etsy logo change to reflect this. For example, after we've listed the Vintage License Plate product, there will be three new links:

listed product connect

The Etsy action links each do something different:

  • The View link takes you directly to the listing in your Etsy store, so you can make edits
  • The Push link updates the Etsy listing with the latest information from your IndieMade product 
  • The Delete link deletes the corresponding Etsy listing 

The push and delete options can happen automatically if you've set your preferences appropriately.

Editing Single Products

So long as your IndieMade store is connected to Etsy, your product edit screen includes a field set specific to Etsy. By default, each field will be set to what you chose in the website > connect section of the dashboard. However, you can override these settings for specific products.

Etsy product settings