Part 3: Add a Blog Post

Now let's add a blog post. Click on Content in the top navigation, and you'll see all the content types available to you. Let's just make a quick blog post to start: a tutorial on how to sew a stuffed bunny.

Create a Post

Click on Add a New Blog Post.

add blog post


The create blog post form is pretty straightforward: give your post a title, optionally tag it, and then type the body of the post using the rich text editor.

write new post


The editor works just like any rich text editor. Type away, using the buttons to bold, headline, center, and so on.

To add a photo to your post, push the button that looks like a painting, and choose the "upload" tab.

upload image


Your upload screen looks like this:

send to server

Push Choose File and then locate the image on your computer. Push Send it to the Server and it will be uploaded to your website automatically. Then just save your image by pushing "OK."

Next step...just waitin' for ya!


Michaela Pembroke

Is it possible to add a photograph to a post and have your text wrap around it? Or will there always be a great big break around the photo? I have tried a few different things, but I can't seem to figure it out so far. Thank you.

Jessica Horvath

Yes, you can use the "align" option. Just right-click on the image in the editor and choose properties. Then use "left" or "right" align in the image info tab and the text will wrap. If you want more space you can add hspace or vspace in pixels.


Thank you! It worked!


The photos on my blog are gigantic.  How can I change the size?

Ali Hilard

It's best to resize blog photos down before uploading them. This article has some tips on how to do this.

Raylene McCalman

Is there a way to add some space between an image and a text block? When I add an image to a page, let's say it is justified left with the text to the right of the image, the text is almost touching the image. I'd like to see some space between the image and text block.

Thanks for you assistance!

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