Deactivating a Product

You can make any product in your store temporarily invisible to shoppers.

To deactivate an item and make it invisible, log in to your site and go to store > products. At the far right of each product listing you will see a "Visible" column. The green check mark shows that the items are visible to shoppers.

visible active productes


Click on any green check mark, and it will change to a red X.

invisible inactive products

Your items are now invisible to shoppers, but visible to you, and your listings are still available to you to edit. To reactivate a product and make it visible to shoppers, click the red X, and it will change back to a green check mark.


Kathy Mc

As a potter, I make many one of a kind items and very few duplicates. The screen above indicates that a product can be "deactivated" for editing or until ready to show on the web site.

When I open my kiln, I may inventory and photograph 30 pieces of pottery. In two weeks, I will do it again with 45 pieces of pottery. After some of them sell, will I be able to delete the listings of only the pieces that have sold? I don't want to 'deactivate' and then replace the pictures and verbiage for a new bowl or mug.

I'm concerned about the 200 product posts. Any clarification would be helpful.

Thanks, Kathy Mc

Axel McCarthy

Each product can be activated or deactivated individually. But so long as a product is in your database, it counts towards your total product limit.

So, for example, let's say you've posted the 30 pieces of pottery and they are all live on your site. Your store will show 30 products available, and you'll be able to add another 170. Then you add 45 new products for the new pottery you've made, but you've "deactivated" each of them while you work on the photography and product descriptions. Now your store will still show 30 products, but you'll only be allowed to add another 125 products. (30 products visible to the public + 45 products you're working on = 75 products in total.)

Now let's say five of the 30 active products sell. You can delete the five, leaving 25 visible, 45 inactive products you're working on -- and you have another 130 products left in your tier.

Make sense?


p.s. If each of your products is one-of-a-kind, you probably want to set its stock level to 1, so they don't get oversold. You can read about tracking stock levels in the handbook.

Kathy Mc

Hi Axel,

Your answer was perfect. Although it seems 'elementary' , I couldn't find a picture or reference to a DELETE button for products only the inactive feature. My plan is to use the stock level feature, glad you have it.

Thank you for taking the time to answer me so clearly.

I'll be demonstrating the IndieMade product to my husband today. I hope to start setting up soon.

Thanks, Kathy Mc

Karen Totten

Is there a setting to automatically de-activate or hide an item that has sold? It is a bit of a pain to have to scroll through the product listing to manually do this after sales.

Sasha Crow

I am not linking my Etsy shop to Indiemade. I typically make large batches of one-of-a-kind products and they sell rapidly when my listings have gone live on Etsy.  I've been making my listings there and saving them as "drafts" to list all at once.  This gives more customers a chance to purchase because, if listed singly - even if quickly -- single customers refresh and will purchase everything I list. 

So for me, I need a way to have my listings default as "invisible" instead of being published before I can mark them as invisible. Is there a way to  do this?



Hi Karen, to automatically track stock, be sure to do the following for each product item:

  • In the STOCK section, check off TRACK STOCK FOR THIS PRODUCT.
  • Enter initial quantity.

Note: If you're tracking stock and you sell out of your item, the website will continue to display the item and mark it as sold out on the product page. If you'd like, you can then hide or delete the item from the Store > Products page.


Hi Sasha, welcome to IndieMade.

Here are some options:

  • On the Website > Settings page, you can place the store in "Vacation" mode. "Vacation" mode disables the ability for site visitors to add products to cart.
  • On Content > Pages, drag the store to the "Do Not Display In Navigation" section to hide the store. ( Note: Anyone who has bookmarked the page will still be able to access the store. )

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