Sell Art Online: Postage Rate Hike Coming for U.S. Sellers on Jan. 27

Heads up: If you sell art online in the United States (or sell ANY physical objects, for that matter), you'll be paying more at the post office next week.

Starting January 27, the United States Postal Service is increasing postal rates across the board, with some of the highest increases affecting first-class international packages. For some sizes and weights, international package rates are doubling. Ouch!

Check out this page on the US Postal Service's website to get the scoop on how the increase will affect the packages you ship to customers both domestic and abroad. It contains lots of downloadable spreadsheets that show the increases in various methods of shipping, from first class to express mail.

Want to get your IndieMade store ready for the price increase, so you don't end up eating shipping costs when you're mailing orders next week? Log into your dashboard, go to Store -- Settings, and enter the shipping rates that will work for your products in the Shipping Settings section.

 Shipping settings


For more detailed information on how to correctly set your store's shipping rates, visit the Working with Shipping page in the IndieMade handbook.

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