Adding a Product

To begin adding your products, go to store > products. You can add products one at a time, or in bulk by uploading a spreadsheet.

Adding a Single Product

Click on +Add a New Product. The Create Product page will appear. Enter your product’s Name and Description, making sure you enter as many details as you can for your customers. 

create product


Under Categories, choose the category (shop section) under which your new product falls. Visit the Categorizing Your Products handbook page for more information on how to set up your categories.

select categories

Upload an Image by clicking the “Choose File” button and browsing your computer; click “Upload” to upload your file. To add more than one image, hit the “Add another Image” button.

upload image for product


You can add as many images for your product as is allowed under your tier of service. (If you can see the Add another Image button, then you can add another.)

Order your images by dragging the crosshair next to each thumbnail. The image at the top will be your product's "primary" image, which will appear on the store and category pages.

Edit image details


Under Product information, you will enter a SKU number (a number or word you will use for your own records and identification of your products, like P40-3 or BUNNY) as well as the price of the item. Each SKU must be unique.

SKU and price

If the shipping rate for the item is different from the defaults you set earlier (see the Working with Shipping handbook page for more information on setting your defaults), click on Shipping Rate to expand the section and enter a new rate for this item.

Select shipping


If you have a limited quantity of your item on hand, or your item is one-of-a-kind, you may want to track your stock of your new product and avoid double-selling a unique item. Visit the Using Inventory Control handbook page to learn more about how this feature works.

track stock

If your tier of service supports it, you can attach downloadable electronic files to your product listing in the Downloads section. Visit the Selling Downloadable Files handbook page for more information on IndieMade's downloads feature.

Download product file

If you'd like to add keywords to your listing to help your store come up more frequently in Google searches, you can add them in the Search Engine Optimization section.

product seo

Click the “Save” button to save all changes and to publish your product to your store.

Adding Multiple Products at Once

You may want to add products in bulk, most commonly when you're first setting up your store. To do this, you'll need a CSV file containing a list of your products. Nearly all spreadsheet programs can create CSV files, and many systems export them as well.

The columns that are expected in your spreadsheet are:

  • DESCRIPTION, in standard HTML
  • PRICE, in your store's currency
  • TAGS, a comma-delimited list of categories
  • IMAGE1, the fully qualified URL of the main product image
  • IMAGE2
  • IMAGE3
  • IMAGE4
  • IMAGE5
  • IMAGE6

When you submit the spreadsheet, your IndieMade store will create a new product for each row in your spreadsheet, and will download each of the images to make local copies.

Only title, description, and price are required.

A sample blank CSV file is attached to this document to get you started.


Tiffany Bobb

How do I add size options to my products? I make rings. People don't all have the same finger size. Is there an option for customers to select their size??? This might be a problem.

Axel McCarthy

We call that feature "Attributes and Options" -- and it's currently in development. In the meantime, customers who have a need like yours simply add a sentence like "please specify ring size in the order comments" or something similar. If you need to contact the customer after the sale, you can either email them directly or use the notification section of the order database to maintain a record of this. But attributes and options will be a welcome addition!

[UPDATE 3/11/13: Attributes and Options are now live; see this handbook page for details.]


How soon is attributes and options going to become a reality? Thanks for any info you can provide.


Unfortunately, lack of attributes & options is a dealbreaker for selling art/photo prints. Is there any update on when this might be available? Thanks for any info on timeline for planning purposes.

Michelle M. Mcnerlin

Agreed! This option is a must for artists. Having to create multiple product listings for different size prints of the same image is awful! not to mention forces me to either not offer as many size options OR upgrade my account. I really hope this option is coming soon or I'll be forced to cancel my account. =/

Axel McCarthy

Attributes and options are now available as a beta product! I'll contact some of the commenters directly to see if they're interesting in giving it a whirl.

Reading this and eager to give it a try? Just contact us and ask for the feature to be turned on in your store.

Theresa Pytell

Is there a way to mass delete products?

Axel McCarthy

No, there's no bulk delete (as of now, anyway) in the dashboard. But the IndieMade customer care folks are here to help -- if you need all your products deleted, or only the ones in such-and-such a category, contact us and ask us if we can help. We have a sophisticated back end that we can use to take care of lots of those sorts of headaches.

Ana S

Hi. I am just designing my website now and I need some help. I couldn't find anything on duplicating a listing so I can just change the pictures (different colors) and save time instead of creating a whole new listing and having another window open and copying and pasting the listings. Is there a way to do it just like on Etsy? It is taking me forever..


Axel McCarthy

Yes, it can certainly be a headache to stock the shelves.

First, remember that all IndieMade customers can import products from your Etsy store automatically. All the images, descriptions, pricing, and so on will come down.

Second, we have a "clone" feature available in Beta. I'll contact you directly, Ana, to see if this is something you'd be interested in.

Morna Crites-Moore - Wicked Waif

I would love to have this feature!

Jurgita Caballero

I want to be able to clone my items too so I can just swith the pictures what do I need to do?

Angela Stubbs

Please contact me for cloning options please!!!!! I have a ton of items I need to upload and cloning would be the perfect option
as I would just need to replace the Pic and title

Axel McCarthy

Replying to myself here -- the product copy-and-edit feature is now live for everybody. Just click on "clone" under the product name in your dashboard.

BJ Rounds

I thought I read it somewhere but I need to get both my gallery photos and my product photos to fit the box size so they look nice. What program or suggestion do you have to do that?

Axel McCarthy

We've added some ideas to our photo sizing handbook page, at

Axel McCarthy

This page has sort of turned into a forum for attributes and options, so it seems reasonable to post a comment here on the issue: attributes and options are now live for pro and plus tiers of service. Thanks, all, for your patience.

Mary Marchione

We really need a shipping rate over ride for domestic AND international. What may cost $8 to ship in the US can cost 3x that overseas.

Nancy Letbetter

Now that the nice Attributes option has been implemented, Can this be added to the CSV for uploading?
What about the SKU and Etsy push information?


I wish there was a feature like Etsy has that allows you to copy a product listing and then edit it. Even though everything I make is one-of-a-kind, this would really help me because often parts of the descriptions (e.g., design or colors) is the same. Also I show products together in photos, and it would really save time if I didn't have to upload all five photos again for each new listing. Any chance an update like that is in the works? Thanks!

Axel McCarthy

There's now an option "clone" under each product. Click on it and you'll get an exact copy of your product, including all images. Make your edits, push submit, and you're done.


The CSV definition is missing some of the fields shown in the single-item manual workflow. What order should the fields for SKU, QoH, SEO, etc. appear in the CSV?

Christopher Cummins

I am a woodturner and I mainly create pens. I want to have a drop down menu with an image of the wood and description beside each pen style I make. I want to do made to order with the customer choosing a style and then choosing the wood they would like used. I would need to have it show up as an order with both the style and wood choice on the order.  Thanks.

Sasha Crow

I make a limited number of a very popular item that tends to sell out rapidly once listed.  In my other store-front (now defunct) I would create a group of listings and save them as drafts and then come back and publish them all at one time (or in smaller batches).  Is there a way to create a listing and save it as a draft to finish and publish later? 

Gregg Tracton

We imported 180 products from Etsy, but the shipping profile was missing, which means that we have to edit all 180 items to select a shipping profile.   That's a day of manual work.

Is there a way to do this in bulk, on selected items?  For example, select all the items with a category set to a specific field, then change the shipping profile once and have that change applied to each product in the set?

Or export the products to a CSV, WITH a column for shipping profile, adjust the CSV in an Excel-like application (which has advanced selection mechanisms) and then re-import to ADJUST (not DUPLICATE) the items, by matching the SKU?  All your programmers would need to do is an export CSV feature that exposes ALL the product details and extend the import CSV feature to detect errors (like multiple changes to the same SKU, or invalid values) and to match the SKUs to avoid duplicating products.

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