Ability to Upload Multiple Photos Simultaneously

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Ability to Upload Multiple Photos Simultaneously

Please, please, please! It is such a time suck to have to upload each photo individually! Also if photo size could be adjusted in the listing that would be a big bonus- Thanks Karen

Artful Accents

Yes, Please!

As a newbie at Indiemade, I thought that I was doing something wrong and that surely, there must be a way to upload multiple photos to a listing. After I realized that this feature is not possible, it gave me pause to consider whether or not I really have the patience for this tedious process whenever I list items. I briefly considered cancelling my account. Truly, I did! It's a big deal. But for now, I am going to try to stick it out. Please, please consider adding this feature. 

Axel McCarthy

You can add multiple images at a time, just click on "Add image"

Just to be clear, you can add multiple images to each product, just by clicking on the "Add another image" link, as shown here:

Where to click to add another

Click on "Choose File" to select your image, then click on Upload to send it to the server. Repeat that process for each product image. If the "Add another image" link doesn't appear, that's because you already have the maximum number of images for that product. (As you go up in tier of service, you get more photos per image.)

The photo you upload is automatically resized for the theme you're using, according to the thumbnail style you chose. This keeps your site loading quickly. The thumbs will automatically be regenerated when you switch themes or change your thumbnail style.

Sorry for the late reply, and I hope this helps.


multiple images simultaneously

uh, the key word here which you apparenlty missed even after having 2 months to consider the issue and respond is "simultaneously". Like etsy-click, click, click,click, click,-they all go up at once. Not having to go back and forth to get your file image  and wait for each one to upload...

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