Adding ProPay as a credit card processor?

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Catherine Waterhouse

Adding ProPay as a credit card processor?

I am a very new member of Indiemade and am enjoying the process of setting up my shop.  But I was disappointed to see that ProPay is not offered as an option to PayPal.  I have been using ProPay on the marketplace where I sell for a bit over 3 years now and close to 80% of my sales are made through ProPay.  For whatever reason, there are peeps who, when they see "PayPal", will back out of a sale.  I myself prefer using a credit card over PayPal to pay for purchases.  Just a thought to consider.  Thanks!  



Would also love to see this feature available.


Nancy Jo Perez


I too would like to use Propay.

Teri Prouty


I already have a Propay account and would like to use it here also.

Janet Crowley


I'd like to see ProPay too.  I've already got an account with them. I did get the 2Checkout, but I really don't like it and don't think I'll put it up as a payment option.  It's great that PayPal now offers the credit card processing and you don't have to be part of PayPal to use it.  But like Cathy says, there are some people who want nothing to do with PayPal.

Donna Wolf

I would also like to be able

I would also like to be able to use ProPay to process credit cards in my store!

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