Expiration of Coupons

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Michelle Maddux

Expiration of Coupons

I would like to see Indiemade code a field in the coupons for an expiration date. This is something I use constantly in my Etsy store, and it's an invaluable piece of automation that could potentially mean significant lost revenue since it is not in place. Forgetting to turn off a coupon code is easy to do, allowing customers to abuse the system.

Samantha Wright

I would like this feature also!

I agree being able to set an expiration date for coupons is critical... as is making sure customers can only use the coupon once (in some cases)!

Teri Prouty

Coupon expiration

I agree with Samantha...having an expiration date can be very important.  I use that feature a lot on my other venue.    I would appreciate having this tool to use as I bring more coupons into my shop.

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