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Carolina Gonzalez

Four suggestions


I am a pro seller at Indiemade, and was referred by Jennifer Rapp to send my suggestions about new features here, so here they are:

- A customizable blog sidebar, so we can add elements to it: link lists, images, html, etc.

- A "subscribe by email" feature for the blog. I had ten times more visits when I was in Wordpress because of this.

- Draft mode for shop listings, just as you have already done for blog posts.

- Inside search feature for listings on the shop dashboard. I have almost 200 items and searching for a listing should be easier.

I would like to add that I am VERY happy with Indiemade, and have recommended it to many fellow artisans since I joined. The service is
excellent, there have been wonderful and useful improvements since I joined almost a year ago, my customers love it, and so do I. AND, the customer service is excellent - they have always been extremely helpful and quick to answer my questions, and that is something that, as a business owner, I cannot thank enough.

Thanks so much for offering your service to independent artists, and my best wishes for 2014!

Carolina Gonzalez

Elizabeth Dwelle

E-mail Opt in box

It would be awesome to have Opt in box for Newsletter sign up on our page. Plus all the things that Caroline mentioned. I'm happy, too. :) 

Training videos would also be awesome. Like how to embed Facebook posts into blog posts?


Elizabeth Dwelle 


Michelle Maddux

E-mail Opt in box

This!! There should be a 'sign up for e-news' right at checkout, as well as a customizable social media button for E-newsletters (mail chimp) and things like DeviantArt, etc! I don't want to waste a whole page just for the Newsletter signup.

Linda L Younkman

Shipping Options

It would be nice to have the ability to add multiple shipping rates for individual products.  With the new shipping upgrade there is the ability to add more than one shipping profile however you can only apply one of those profiles to a product.   Many of the folks in an Indiemade group, myself included,  need the ability to have one rate for US shipping, one rate for Canada, and one rate for all other.  

Chris P. Bugni

A single shipping profile can have different rates per country

Linda, I think you can do this iwth the way shipping profiles work right now.

You can set up a single shipping profile that has, for example, $5 shipping to the US, $10 shipping to Canada, and $20 shipping to everywhere else. Then you put a product in that shipping profile. Even though a product can only be in one shipping profile it can still have different rates to different destinations if you want.

One thing you can't do is let the customer choose between sevearl shipping profiles. It would be great if you could give a standard shipping profile for a product, plus an "expedited" shipping profile with higher costs, and let the customer select which they want.

Mary-Jo Peritore

In-Listing Shipping Upgrades

Shipping upgrades would be a great addition.

Specifically allowing the customer to choose whether they want their item shipped via First Class, Priority or Express Mail.



Michelle Maddux

In-Listing Shipping Upgrades

This! Many of my customers choose to use the ship ugrades to priority and express, especially durring the holdiays. Having to make another listing is not only troublsome for customers, but also causes confusion for international customers that may potentially select the upgrade listing, only to be disappointed or angered when I have to tell them it does not apply to their internationl order.

Claudia Tuliszewski

a button to accept Store policies

It would be great to have a popup window were customer accepts the store policies whith purchase.



Natalie McKenna

I second the customisable

I second the customisable sidebar in the blog section. It would be great to be able to add widgets and html. 

A "store search" would be very beneficial also. 

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