Improve notification for hidden sold out items (when a link to them is followed)

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Improve notification for hidden sold out items (when a link to them is followed)

I have heard from a few customers about the issue of a confusing interaction when attempting to follow a link to an already sold out item that is set to "hidden".

Here is a sample scenario: 

1. I (seller) have auto hide of sold items enabled.

2. For an upcoming shop update, I advertise an item and post a link to it (for example, on Facebook or in my newsletter).

3. The item sells and is auto-hidden

4. A new visitor sees the link in a newsletter or wherever, and clicks on it. Because the item has been hidden, what they are shown is an "Access denied..." message (see screen cap 1 in my email to you). This message also contains a prompt to login (this login prompt is actually intended for the seller / shop owner, NOT the customer's own login).

5. Customer attempts to log in with their personal IndieMade (buyer) account, which will not gain them access since they are not the seller.

6. A second message window is presented (see screen cap 2 in my email) once again indicating "Access Denied" along with information that the login information is incorrect. This is confusing because the customer is trying to use their IM (buyer) account and does not realize that the only way to access the page is via a seller / shop ownver account (which they obviously don't have access to).

(Note: In oder to duplicate the issue and provide you with sample screen captures, I used a link to another sellers sold-out item (myself acting as the buyer).


This issue only  happens if a customer attempts to follow a link to an item that has already sold. For those of us with newsletters and other online marketing material with links to specific items, this becomes an issue since we can't go back and remove the link (e.g., once a newsletter is emailed it's too late). 

Suggested Improvement: A simple and friendly message alerting the user that the item is no longer available, with a link to the shop front page. Etsy does this and also adds links to other still-avaiable products in seller's shop. The latter would be a "nice to have" for our IM shops (if possible), but at minimum we need a friendly and clear message presented to the customer instead of the current confusing scenario outlined above.

- Karen

Additional Remarks...

From time to time my work is published in physical magazines in which they provide links to the item that is featured. I have another such featured item in the upcomign February issue of Bead & Button magazine. Should the item sell out, I am concerned new customers will see the above issue. We need a way to gently guide our customers to either contact the seller (me), or to the front page of the shop. If they can at minimum be guided to contact me, I can communicate with them about taking a special or or providing informaiton about future availability of the item.

Axel McCarthy

This feature live in latest release

Karen, we just rolled out a new release last night that included a new authentication system. The improvements you suggest here are in it: the "access denied" messaging has been replaced by friendlier wording like "Sorry, we can't show you this page until we know who you are. Please log in first." and similar, depending on circumstances.

In the case of products that are hidden because they've sold, the user is shown a picture of the product, sold out wording, and links to other categories in the store.

Thanks for your suggestions!


Great to hear that! Thank you!

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