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Marianne Bernsen

No-obligation trial

I was excited to try IndieMade, but because you are the only site of this type that requires a PayPal sign-up before even getting a chance to try out the features, I will be giving my business to squarespace or wordpress. The premise behind a no-obligation trial period is that it affords you the opportunity to see whether or not you're a good fit without having to take the extra steps of both providing payment information to a company you're not sure you're going to be doing any business with, and remembering to cancel autopay should you opt not to use the service.

All it takes is a week or even less to allow people the freedom to explore the site without signing up with payment information.

Axel McCarthy

Sorry to lose you as a customer but it IS a no obligation trial

Marianne, I'm sorry to hear we'll be losing you to one of our competitors.

But the trial really IS a no-obligation 30 days, and we never see your payment information. PayPal knows your account information, but we do not. We feel this is the right balance for us: we want to make it easy for folks to try us out, but we also need to protect ourselves from folks abusing our system to anonymously post material for short periods, without ever the intent to actually become a customer.

I hope you'll reconsider. It really is no obligation, and we even send you an email reminder before your trial ends, so you can cancel if it's not for you. :-)

Marianne Bernsen


That really was a lovely response. I'm building this for a client (Marianne Bernsen), so I'd be using my own PayPal account to check it out; your explanation makes a lot of sense, and because of your response, I'll now have more choices to bring to Marianne on Monday.


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