Posting to Face Book through my website

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Stacy L. Beal

Posting to Face Book through my website

Good morning. I have been taking to Jessica back & forth a little bit about this issue. I would like to make a formal request for a feature upgrade.

I am working on 2 different images for my products. The 1st image uploaded displays beautifully on my website, but does not translate well to face book. The 2nd image uploaded will translate well on facebook, but doesn't look good on the website. I would like the ability for the face book posting to use the photo that is selected on the page at the time, rather than the original image. 

Also, in the same area, I would like the option to add a photo to the beginning of my blog post and have that photo be the one that shows up as the image on face book when shared rather than the header photo that would end up being exactly the same every time I send a blog post to share on face book.

You guys are amazing and my site has been very easy to setup for a non-techie, but these improvements would make a BIG difference in my time management across the many options I have for promoting my site.

Thank you, Stacy -

Axel McCarthy

It automatically picks the "best" photo to share

Hi Stacy, thanks for the kind words!

There is good news about the blog post: whenever you share any piece of content with Facebook (or any other service using the "share this" tools), your IndieMade site automatically picks the "best" image to use. For blogs posts this is the first image. So for example I shared this blog post from your site on Facebook and it correctly grabbed the image from the Nicaraguan village:

The somewhat disappointing news is that -- like you noticed -- the sharing system automatically selects the first image of a product as the "best" image, because that's the one you selected as being representative for teh store pages. The idea is that if it's best for your storefront it's probably best to share on Facebook too... bummer this isn't true in your case!

It's an interesting feature request, though -- we will definitely discuss it. :-)

Stacy L. Beal

Posting to facebook

Hi Axel.

Thank you so much for the quick response. When I tried the blog thing the first time, it didn't work, so not sure what I did wrong, but I tried what you mentioned and it worked beautifully, so that will be perfect! I can definitely work with that.

And thank you for the consideration on the store product request as well. My products are just a little too square to look good when sent to Facebook. I will be hopeful that can be added. I currently have 2 product shots uploaded for the "Soar With Eagles" short sleeve t-shirt. That's the one I was messing with trying to get the transfer to work if that helps any. I think the first photo is around 600x650 pixels, where the second one that displays great on Facebook is 1200x630, so very rectangular, hence the problem of facebook cutting off the top & bottom of the photos. Don't know if any of this info helps or not, but I certainly appreciate you looking in to the possibility.

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