Product Attributes and stock

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Amy Sims

Product Attributes and stock

Another request! I need to be able to track the stock of my product attributes, so if I sell out of one style I can still sell the other styles.



Michelle Maddux

Product Attributes and stock tracking

Yes! This!!! It's one of the things that held me back fro so long in jumping on the IndieMade wagon! My Etsy shop has atribute stock levels, and since many of my designs are made in various colors, it was a huge deal to be able to mark 'blue' out of stock. Hopefully this is a top priority with IndieMade!

Jennifer Edgerton


I would love this feature!

Christine Crook

I would love this feature also

Yes it would be fabulous to have this ability to show stock levels of attributes as I work with a great deal of these..thanks 

Samantha Wright

This would be awesome!

I agree this feature would be awesome and is necessary!

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