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Faith Hazen

Blog question

So very new to blogging and would like to add buttons for sites I am associated with onto my blog (like down the right hand side). Is there a way to do it that I dont have to add items every new blog post?

Axel McCarthy

We can turn that on for you if you're interested

We try very hard to keep IndieMade simple to use, so we don't have this feature available as part of the normal dashboard. However, we do have some sites that employ this (like and can give you this capability on an unofficial basis. (By "unofficial" we just mean that we don't guaranetee that it will work perfectly forever, and that when you need help with it our customer care folks will assist on a best-efforts, time-permitting basis. The official "supported" features always get top priority for support tickets.)  

The big drawback is that the feature isn't as easy to use as the standard features you can use through the dashboard. You'll need to roll up your sleeves a bit more for this.

Interested? Open a support ticket and ask Axel to set it up for you. :-)

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