Etsy Search stopped working when I linked it to IndieMade

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Tami Wells

Etsy Search stopped working when I linked it to IndieMade

Hi Everyone!

    When I linked my page to my Etsy Store I no longer came up in Etsy Search, I have contacted Etsy about it but it could be a while before I get any response from them.  Has anyone else experienced this problem and if so how was it solved?

Thanks for your help!!



Michelle Maddux

I noticed that as well -potential work around

Hi! I noticed this as well when I created listings on my website and pushed them. I think I found a work-around until Etsy and IndieMade figure it out.

1. Create your listing on Etsy

2. Download the active item CSV

3. Edit the CSV to only display the new listings (be sure to save as a CSV).

4. Upload the CSV to Indiemade.

5. Link listing to Etsy via name.

6. Make edits as needed on website.


Since I put back links specific to my etsy store on etsy, and don't need or want them on my website this works well, since I would have to add them on Etsy, it is easier to just do it there, and then take them out once the item is transferred over.

Axel McCarthy

Can you clarify about not appearing in search?

Michelle, thanks so much for posting this.

But can you clarify when you say that linking products to your Etsy store somehow affects search on What's the symptom exactly? We can have the dev team take a closer look if I can clearly describe what you're seeing.

Axel McCarthy

Was this around noon yesterday?

Michelle, yesterday Etsy was experiencing problems with their search indices around lunchtime (11:20am CST through 1:35pm CST): Does this time frame by any chance coincide with the problems you were experiencing?

Michelle Maddux

Re: Was this around noon yesterday?

Axel, to be honest I'm not sure. I was working on the website all day yesterday (it will be replacing our current website). I lost track of time more than once, but it certainly could have been.

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