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Regan Potrzeba

Google Analytics

Hello, I set up google analytics on my website, how do I see where my traffic is coming from?  I can't seem to find it. 


Thank you!


Axel McCarthy

It depends on what "where" means

Hi Regan,

All the reports are vieable in Google Analytics, so you need to log into that at

Now on to specifics. If you mean "where in the world is my traffic coming from", select Audience from the left-hand nav, and then Geo. It gives you both a detailed table and a cool map.

Google Analytics Map

If you mean "where on the web is my traffic coming from," that's the referral report. Select Acquisition from the left-hand nav and then go to All traffic.

Google Analytics Referrals

Google Analytics itself has some pretty useful documentation

Regan Potrzeba

Thank you!  Very helpful

Thank you!  Very helpful information!


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