Pushing products to Etsy

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Pushing products to Etsy

When I clicked on push products to etsy it came back with "there were problems with 7 products". What could be the problems with those seven when all the others were pushed?



Axel McCarthy

The product may not eligible for listing at Etsy

There are all sorts of reasons a product couldn't be pushed. Products at Etsy must have images, so if you haven't uploaded an image for the product, it won't be pushed. The stock level for the product might be at zero, in which case it doesn't make sense to list it. If your product isn't shippable, then it won't push it over to Etsy. And so on.

If you were trying to sync up IndieMade products with your exitsting Etsy store, the sync can fail if your site can't figure out which product is meant. For example if you have five products all with exactly the same title, price, and so on, then your IndieMade store might not be able to match them up properly. It will skip those products, in that case.

Finally there may be a glitch in the communication link between your IndieMade site and Etsy. If you push a product at a time, by clicking on the little "List" button under the product, you might get a better error message.

Hope this helps!

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