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Laura Bracken

Regarding Downloadable Files

I see in the information section for downloadable files this: "When the user logs in to his or her password-protected account page..."


It's my understanding customers do not have to sign up in order to purchase from our shops.  Can you tell me how a customer accesses a downloadable file they purchase from me so I can include that information in the listing text?


Axel McCarthy

They are automatically given credentials when they purchase

When a customer first makes a purchase on your IndieMade site, she is given an account automatically. She has a short password created for them. The invoice she gets via email includes her new username and password at the bottom, and a hyperlink to each of the products she just bought so she can download them.

If she forgets the password, she can have a new one sent to her by selecting "Request new password" on your site.

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