How do I add a checkbox

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Carol Priestley Magamoll

How do I add a checkbox

How do I add a simple Check Box for people to click when ordering something with sizes and/or options please.

I am adding my “store items” in and do not understand how to do that.  I am on a Mac.

Please Advise.  Thanks, Carol

Axel McCarthy

Use the "Attributes and Options" feature

Carol, what you need to do is set up an attribute "Size" in the store > attributes section of the dashboard. (Since I presume you only want the user to select one of the sizes at a time, you'd probably want radio buttons instead of checkboxes.) Your attribute window might look like this:

Adding a Size Attribute

Then for each size you want, add an option to that attribute. Just click on options under the new attribute and add one for each size. For example, in our test store I added small, medium, large, and extra large sizes:

Example options for size

I also specified that very very large things cost an extra twelve bucks. (Any attribute can change the price of the underlying product.)

After setting that up, you can add the attribute to any product you like. Then your products will automatically be displayed with that attribute. Here's what it looks like to customers when I added this attribute to a product:

Veil with an Attribute

Hope this helps give you some ideas. The official handbook page for this feature is here.

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