Referral program?

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Referral program?

I was just wondering if you have a referral program for those of us bringing people to Indiemade.

People are asking me about my new store and so far four people have opened stores because of my recommendation( that I know of!). I know other sites offer some sort of reward system so I wondered if you guys did too.

Axel McCarthy

Yes we have an affiliate program

Mikki, thank you so much for sending those customers our way. We are really grateful. And we show our gratitude through... our affiliate program!

If you send a customer our way we'll share 15% of their monthly fees with you, for as long as they remain a customer. A third party company called Shareasale manages this program for us. You just sign up and then they give you special links and advertisements and so on. If someone clicks on one of those links and signs up, you get credit from that point on. When your share gets big enough Shareasale sends you a check. You can read about it more on our affiliates page.

(After you sign up email and let us know who you referred, maybe we can get you credit for that retroactively.)



That's awesome!

You guys really have your act is SO refreshing :)


Indiemade banner I'm in the affiliate program so where do I find the Indiemade banner that I can share everywhere :)

Axel McCarthy

I think it's "Get a Link"

Mikki, to be honest I don't know for sure. I think it's under "link > get a link/banner". But we don't support that tool; you'll need to ask Shareasale for support if you can't work it out. Sorry. 

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